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42 entrepreneurs co-founder and event organizer

New technology and start-up lover

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2014 - 2018

42 is a private French computer programming school created and funded by Xavier Niel (Founder of Illiad, free). The school is focused on project-based learning and peer-to-peer education. It teaches not just programming skills, but also the habits that companies are looking for in programmers: productivity, collaboration and lifelong learning and self-investment.

School Projects (in C if not specified) :

  • Algorithms (sorting, pathfinding, line drawing…).
  • libft : c library (libc like) with linked list, hash table.
  • Wolf 3D, a simple game with raycasting algorithm.
  • Fract’ol, Julia, Mandelbrot set, and Tree fractals.
  • Polynomial equation solver in ruby.
  • Linear regression machine learning gradient descent algorithm in ruby.
  • r-type like game in C++ with ncurses
  • npuzzle : 8, 15, 19 puzzle solver in golang with A* algorithm and heap queue
  • malloc / free / realloc / calloc.
  • ftp protocol transfert (server/client) with IPv4 and IPv6
  • ping (C & Go) program with raw socket, ICMP
  • traceroute program with raw socket, UDP, ICMP
  • nmap SYN, ACK, FIN, UDP, NULL, XMAS port scanning with thread and pcap library


April - Oct 2016

  • Create web dashboard with Rails / AngularJS / D3.JS
  • Migrate app from MongoDB / Heroku to Cassandra cluster, Docker and using ZeroMQ

Vente Privee

sept 2017 - march 2018

Vente-privee is a major French e-commerce company that pioneered the model of online flash sales.

  • Machine Learning project with Keras, Flask API, VueJS
  • Search Engine in Go seeking Algolia efficiency. (Radix Tree, Raft Consensus…)


april 2018 - today

Scaleway / Online.net offers simple & high-end solutions for all your hosting requirements: baremetal servers, web hosting, cloud computing, domain names, etc.

  • Create images with Packer / Vagrant
  • gRPC / Protobuf API with Golang
  • PXE boot
  • Ansible
  • Netbox DCIM

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Feb 9, 2018

Hello World with my favorite language

hello world ! Golang: package main import ( "fmt" ) func main() { fmt.Println("Hello World !") } C: #include <unistd.h> int main(void) { write(1, "Hello World\n", 12) return 0; }


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